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#60 – Fireside w/ Tom & Greg – Portfolio Chats

On todays show we talk about multiple topics but mainly looking at websites and portfolios.

#60 – Directing, Creating time and Icons w/ Emily Maye

On todays episode – We spoke with photographer and director Emily Maye about crossing mediums from film to photography, finding inspiration, getting into the right headspace to create, working with athletes, the move to directing commercials, and her recent deeply personal project honouring basketball icon Kobe Bryant.

Exposed Negative Podcast – #59 – Fireside w/ Tom & Greg – Books, Time Management and Walkie-Talkies

This week Tom and Greg chat about useful photography books, the quest for the perfect camera bag solution, why walkie-talkies are an unexpectedly essential piece of kit, and Greg’s plan to get the new Fujifilm X100 camera with when it releases later this month.

#58 – Acting, Shooting & Behind the Lens w/ Julio Cedillo

This week we chat with actor and photographer Julio Cedillo about his parallel passions for performing in and capturing moving and still images. Hear his perspectives on working alongside top cinematographers, approaching strangers in the street, and why photography serves as his creative “lifeline”.

#56 – Fireside w/ Tom & Greg – New Year Resolution

In the first 2024 episode of The Exposed Negative podcast, hosts Tom and Greg discuss their plans and goals for the new year – from getting more creative with personal projects to finding better balance with family, as well as announcing an exciting giveaway contest.

#56 – Fireside w/ Tom & Greg

On todays show Tom and Greg discuss the camera industry’s shift to mirrorless technology, managing vast archives of personal photos, upgrading lighting kits for portraits, finding crushed house keys and simplifying workflows by clearing duplicate photography gear.

#055 – Secrets of a still life photographer w/ Mitch Payne

This week we’re talking with renowned still life photographer Mitch Payne about his stylised studio setups, creative process and thoughts on where the industry is heading. Mitch shares ingenious tricks for maximising minimal lighting equipment, streamlining his post-production workflow and finding inspiration to fuel personal projects. We also discuss the opportunities and threats presented by AI image generation. Tune in for essential tips and perspectives from one of the UK’s top still life photographers.

#54 – Fireside w/ Tom & Greg

Photography professionals Tom and Greg have an insightful conversation touching on mishaps, upgrading gear, organising photos, protecting equipment, recognising awards, lighting choices, flash units, and thanking supporters. Tune in for production tips and photography conversations.

#38 – Personal Work, Parenting & Porn sets w/ Sophie Ebrard

On the first show of 2023 we talk to the wonderful Sophie Ebrard, a film shooting portrait photographer who was so great to chat to, we talk about parenting, Sophie’s personal work and her’s and Gregs bizarrely coincidental experience of shooting behind the scenes on porn sets.

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