This week we’re talking with renowned still life photographer Mitch Payne about his stylised studio setups, creative process and thoughts on where the industry is heading. Mitch shares ingenious tricks for maximising minimal lighting equipment, streamlining his post-production workflow and finding inspiration to fuel personal projects. We also discuss the opportunities and threats presented by AI image generation. Tune in for essential tips and perspectives from one of the UK’s top still life photographers.

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Here are the shownotes;

Bournemouth University course –
Art Streiber episode (Turkey Bags)
Lastolight 2×2 frame:
Amazon icelight wand:
Aputure 600D:
Aputure F10 Fresnel:
Blending modes explained:
Frequency separation tutorial:
Samyang 85 lens:

Desert Island Camera: Nikon D800
Desert Island Book: Susan Sontag – On Photography:

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