In this week’s podcast we have a conversation with Photography Consultant, Zoe Wishaw. Zoe has a background working her way up in the photographic industry ending up as the European Director of Photography at Getty and moving on to be the Creative Director at Image Source and then Creative and Content Director at Gallery Stock. She now mentors photographers full time. There’s loads of advice to photographers in this episode and so check out the links below. 

Box breathing: a guide
Brian Eno cards – Oblique Strategies – try this website for suggestions and inspiration 
The book Greg mentions is the Photographers playbook
Information on Mind maps – The app Tom uses is Mindnode
Desert Island Book: Image Makers, Image Takers: The Essential Guide to Photography by Anne-Celine Jaeger
Desert Island Camera: The Lomo

Zoe can be found on twitter, instagram and you can visit her website here 

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