In this weeks episode we are joined by the Guardian’s Head of Photography Fiona Shields. She has been working at the paper for over 20 years and so has a wealth of experience. She talks to us about the realities of covering breaking stories, of commissioning photographers and what she looks for in submitted work, as well as tips on how best to approach busy people. Hopefully todays episode will give people a peak behind the curtain of what it is like to be a professional editorial photography director. As ever see below for links to resources mentioned in the pod.

Some of the camera retailers mentioned in this episode: AJ’s, Wex, CVP
Get your own Ken doll to practice lighting
Reduce the size of your PDFs: PDF squeezer
Aletheia Casey’s portfolio and her piece in the Guardian
Lisa Sorgini, photographic project; Behind Glass
Finbarr O’Reilly – senegal images
Zhora Bensemra – reuters
Guardian Website In pictures section

Desert Island Photobook: Harold Evans – Pictures on a page
Desert Island Camera: Nikon F3

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