#23 – Further Education & Photographic Theory w/ Jim Campbell

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This week on the pod we are delighted to be joined by Jim Campbell. Jim is the course leader of the BA photography degree at University of West of England Bristol (UWE). Jim talks us through the course specifically, but we also discuss the wider topics of further education in the photography world, what people can expect to take away from such courses, how we can take lessons from this and apply them to our own practices.

Sony Alpha A1 camera
Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) – a breakdown of what it is
The 80% rule
An explanation of Kaban boards

More information about the BA Photography UWE course or the festival here https://photobristol.co.uk/

Some of the Alumni mentioned:
Alex Ingram and his project Gate Keepers
Manon Ouimet and her project ALTERED
Jasmine Bruno
Bella Phillips
Mike Swann

Other mentions

Mark George Photo Agent
Dan Burn Forti
Alice Zoo

As part of the course they often have guests speakers from the industry and Jim wanted this year to extend his thanks to the following:

@solvesundsbostudio @stacykranitz @sarkerprotick @k_koenning @laurenforster_photo @ariamark @izaradz @shoair_m @tamiaftab @tracymarshallgrant1 @maxferguson @alice.zoo @ellieburd @alexingramphoto @bella.artois @onurbenimsaj @mike_rt_swann @manongraphy @siandavey1

Desert Island Photobook: Iris Garden by William Gedney

Desert Island Camera: Hasselblad 503

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