This week we chat with actor and photographer Julio Cedillo about his parallel passions for performing in and capturing moving and still images. Hear his perspectives on working alongside top cinematographers, approaching strangers in the street, and why photography serves as his creative “lifeline”.

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Here are the shownotes;

IMDB for Julio:

The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (film):

Cowboys and Aliens:

China Balls (lighting):

Jack Davison:

Christopher Anderson:

Jessica Lang – Photobook ‘ Mexico’:

Viggo Mortensen:

Alex Webb:

Graciela Iturbide –

La Calle – Alex Web Book:

Ernst Hass:

Photography of the set of the MIsfits:

Byways – Roger Deakins book:

David Alan Harvey:

The Art of Kinfolk – book:

Jeff Bridges – Widelux –

The Widelux Revival Project:

Netflix Queue magazine:

Requiem for a Dream:

Richard Avedon – In the American West:

Laura Wilson photography:

Carlos Somonto (photographer):

Roma (film):

Daniel Daza:

Hasselblad Xpan:

Greg’s widelux work in Huck magazine:

Greg Gaucho zine as mentioned by Julio:

Julio’s instagram photo page:

Julio’s main instagram:

Julio’s website:

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