#30 – Crypto, NFTs & the future of photography w/ Chloe Diamond

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In this weeks episode, we are joined by Chloe Diamond, Chloe is the CMO at Swash App and a curator at the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art. She talks us through crypto, blockchain and NFTs and what implications these new emerging technologies will have on the photographic industry.

Swash App
IAMA Coin – Kevin Abosch 
MOCDA – Museum of Contemporary Digital Art
The stone coins of Yap
Memo Atken – The Unreasonable Ecological Cost of CryptoArt
Definitions: Proof of Stake and Proof of WorkSmart contracts
Adam Broomberg & Blockchain
Audius music streaming
Brave and Basic Attention Tokens (BATs)
Hans Haacke
Blockchain and the music industry
An overview video of data ownership on the internet

Chloe’s choices:
Desert Island Camera: Leica 1
Desert Island Photobook: Elliott Erwitt – Dog Dogs

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