#1 – Staying inspired w/ Julian Love

  • 23 March, 2019
  • 182.11M

Julian Love is a commercial lifestyle photographer based in London, UK. He’s represented by JSR agency in the UK and RW2 in the US. Having studied Human Sciences at Oxford and then a masters in Biological Anthropology, Julian did a short stint working in management consultancy before moving into photography in the early 2000’s. He works with a variety of international clients on global campaigns. 

In this weeks show we discuss with Julian about creating personal projects and producing his own large test shoots in order to generate commercial work, often abroad. We talk about creating a portfolio of work, mistakes and lessons he’s learnt along the way and why he likes to shoot some personal work on film over digital. 

Julians website can be found here: www.julianlove.com on instagram he is @julianlovephoto

You can see his Hand Made project here and his Europeans here

The books mentioned in this episode are:

Magnum – Photobook (by Carole Naggar and Fred Ritchin) 

The Photobook’ (by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger) – a 3 volume collection 

Photographer’s Playbook(Gregory Halpern and Jason Fulford) – 307 assignments and ideas

Jump Book (Philippe Halsman, 1959)

How to Survive: Lessons for Everyday Life from the Extreme World (John Hudson)

William Eggleston’s Guide

Uncommon Places – Stephen Shore 

Mathias Zwick self portraits during the corona outbreak can be found on instagram @mathiaszwick

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