In this episode, we chat to commercial photographer Jack Terry an all thing organizational! We discuss the myriad of software and hardware kit he uses to navigate running his photography business efficiently; the processes he has developed and techniques he has learnt. As always it’s full of lots of great info so please see the links in the show notes to be directed to any of the items we talk about. 

FreeAgent & ReceiptBank

CaptureOne sessions

Backblaze (Cloud storage)

Pomodoro technique

Microsoft To Do 

Pingdom and GTmetrix for checking internet speeds 

Filing through Google – Google Drive

Google Slides for retouch notes 

Renaming files – a better finder rename format: Date_agency_client_job_0000

Template for workflow – filenaming etc

CaltureOne Recipes

WeTransfer Pro account

Shortcuts document for assistants – renaming conventions etc 

Oxfam online

Photobook ‘Womens Market’ by Tom Wood

Camera: Canon AE-1 Program 


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