In this weeks episode we chat to Matt Martin, head curator at Photobook Cafe, Founder of The Photocopy Club and a photographer in his own right. We chat to Matt about his love of Xine culture and methods and ideas for self publishing that are relevant to all photographers. The chat is back with loads of great resources for anyone interesting in setting off down this road and you’ll find all the links in the show notes. 

Eneloop rechargeable AA batteries

Tom’s Camera battery charging station 

Tether tools d-tap adapter

No plastic sleeves the website and here is their book 

The rather splendid Clint Davis promo and the slightly bonkers ‘Action Figure’ promo by Jen Lennartsson

Photobook Cafe and Rapid Eye

The Miniclicks photo talks that started life in Brighton

The Photocopy Club – Matt’s concept which has gone from strength to strength

The amazing work of French visual artist JR

Alan mcfetridge – wildfires –

London book arts – a great resource for learning about book binding

Publishing software – Affinity Publisher – a great alternative to Adobe InDesign

Some of the printers that Matt mentions in London:

Chris Killip ‘The Last Ships’ publication from Pony Box

American Xerography in Colour by Matt Martin – a project Matt shot across America. Available to purchase on Matt’s website. 

Resource for 2nd hand photography books – Oxfam books

Matt’s desert Island Photobook: 

Matt’s desert Island Camera: Nikon FM2 + 50mm

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