#17 – Digi Teching and Data Wrangling w/ Laimonas (LSDigi)

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This week on the show we are very Lucky to be joined by Laimonas, better know in the industry as LSDigi, a professional Digi-Tech and all round nice guy. His knowledge and stories flow fast in this episode and there’s plenty for photographers to pick up on. As ever links are below for those wanting to delve further into things. You can follow LS Digi on instgram here 

Inovativ.com – for digi plates etc
LSdigi products – see his shop online for cable clamps, hyperjuice holder etc
Thingiverse.com – for opensource 3D printing designs
TIP: syncing camera clocks every shoot
TIP: Filenaming convention: YYMMDD_jobnameTIP: Swap from standard hard drives to SSDs
Angelbird SD cards – faster cards
Angelbird CFast 2.0 Memory Card Reader – rock solid card reader
Area 51 cables – as an alternative to Tethertools
FotoFortress cable clamp
Sidecar for Apple iPad
Hollyland 400S transmitters
Pentax 6×7 shutter sound (skip to 40 seconds)
Desert island camera : Mamiya RB67

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