This week on the podcast we are super excited to be joined by portrait and entertainment photographer Art Streiber, all the way from LA. Art has been shooting for over two decades and his clients include some of the top titles in the magazine and advertising world. He’s also become known for his amazing behind the scenes glimpses from his large scale productions which he posts to his Instagram. We talk to Art about how he keeps such a giant operation running and the tips and tricks he’s picked up along the way.

Things to have in your kit bag #351: Turkey bags
The diverse use Clothes rail brackets – locking down your tripod!
Fold up carts – a good bit of kit to have on set
This is the porch that Art and his team built from scratch in a day in the studio – background is a duratrans 
Art’s Holy Trinity for productions: Busy cal, DFstudio and Filemaker pro
The blog for lots of behind the scenes videos iso1200 (including a look in Greg’s in lighting bag)
Check out Art’s upcoming educational talks here

If you want to get a sense of the behind the scenes images Art puts up check out his instagram

Desert Island Camera: Pentax 67
Desert Island Book: Susan Sontag: On Photography 

Art’s website is

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