#2 – Egos & mistakes w/ Chris Floyd

  • 30 April, 2020
  • 175.59M

Chris Floyd is a British photographer and Film maker. He is primarily known for his portrait work but his versatility means that he has put his hand to most genres throughout his long career. He’s shot for a range of editorial titles including Vogue, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Harpers Bazaar, GQ, Esquire, The New York Times Magazine along with shooting for large commercial clients and brands. 

In this weeks episode we take the opportunity to talk to Chris about his experience working as a photographer over the last 27 years. We talk about the ego and the importance of leaving your ego at the door, but at the same time understanding how its role in the working environment. We discuss the politics of shoots and strategies he’s developed over the years and we also discuss areas that he feel are important to nourish if you are to find longevity in your career. As Chris says ‘Wisdom is a big collection of mistakes’.

The books mentioned in the piece are: 

The Commissar Vanishes: Falsification of Photographs and Art (by David King)

American Musicians (by Lee Friedlander) 

Scene (by Alex Majoli)

This is the Corona Virus piece that Chris mentions in the piece by the photographer Alex Majoli

The instagram account he mentioned is with archival editorial covers is by Ian Birch and can be found here @ibmh15

Bad Penny Blues by Humphrey Littleton is the song Chris mentioned that influenced the Beatles hit ‘Lady Madonna

You can see more of Chris’ work on his website, his instagram and follow him on twitter

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