Tom Parker is a travel and commercial photographer who has worked in over 90 countries and worked for the worlds top travel brands and publications. Based in London he has spent stints living in Nepal, India and Sri Lanka. 

In today’s episode we have an enthralling conversation with Tom. He talks us through his journey to get where he is now and then we delve deeper discuss his step by step process to shooting travel assignments, his approach in terms of preparation, logistics and production. We talk about the importance of local assistants, fixers, drivers and we discuss the rise of influencers, negotiating and airports and other tips for travelling photographers.

Tom’s pick for his desert island photobook is ‘Workers’ by Sebastio Salgado

The Wifi Puck mentioned by Tom (Barnes) is the Skyroam Solis X 

We also mention the app Sunseeker which an app that’s great for predicting sunlight on location 

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