#4 – Assisting & other nuggets w/ Dan Ross

  • 20 May, 2020
  • 171.32M
  • Explicit Content

Dan Ross is a name that most London based commercial photographers will be familiar with, for many years Dan served as one the capitals top assistants, building a network of assistants around him and in doing so helping to elevate the whole industry. These years spent working for a wide range of photographers have meant that Dan has now been able to switch, and is now a very technically proficient photographer in his own right. 

Unlike in the US, in the UK there are not so many full-time assistants that specialise in doing solely that as a career although over the last few years that has changed a bit. We talk to Dan about the role of the assistant, how to be the best one you can be and also what not to do. He peppers that chat with some wonderful stories from his days as ‘road crew’. The chat is little cheeky in places, so discretion is advised. 

Dan’s desert island Camera is the Fujifilm X100F and his book of choice was Citizen by Ingvar Kenne, also available here.

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