#5 – Approches & Assignments w/ Owen Gale

  • 09 June, 2020
  • 159.73M

In this weeks show we talk to Owen Gale. Owen is the Photo Director at House and Garden UK and has previously worked at a number of other titles before reaching this position. He studied photography and assisted and worked as a photographer before transitioning. In the show we talk to him about his role as a photo director and what that involves. We also discuss the concept of the photo director as someone who can nurture and work with photographers to improve their output. This episode is a really enlightening chat that will hopefully peep behind the curtain at a role that is so often overlooked within the industry.

The software Tom mentioned for helping with automated responses is Text Expander

Artists and photographers mentioned in this show were:

Jan Dibbets
Andy Goldsworthy
Craig Ashley Fordham
Ray Main

Books mentioned:

Nick Waplington – Living Room
Weegee – Murder Is My Business

Owens desert Island Camera: Mamiya 6

Owens desert Island book: Vivian Mayer – Street photographer

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