#6 – Back-stories & back-chat w/ Tom & Greg

  • 25 June, 2020
  • 171.24M

In this weeks show Tom and Greg sit down and introduce themselves to the audience, revealing their backstories and the journeys through photography, there’s also a little bit of kit geekery, and they reveal their desert island photobooks and cameras. 

The clip Tom mentioned in the piece showing the work off cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki aka ‘Chivo’ can be seen here:  THE REVENANT Behind-The-Scenes Featurettes

The flash modifier Tom mentions in the show is the Profoto OCF Magnum

The Larry Burrows photo mentioned in the piece

Desert Island Books:
Larry Burrows: Vietnam
Requiem: By the Photographers who died in Vietnam
Things as They Are: Photojournalism in context since 1955
Magnum Stories
Annie Leibovitz – Big book 
Howard L Bingham – black panthers 1968
Weegee: Murder is my Business
Andrew Shaylor – Hells Angels

Desert Island Camera:
Greg – Widelux
Tom – Leica Q2

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