#7 – Representation & Diversity w/ Jaki Jo Hannan

  • 18 June, 2020
  • 120.88M

This week we talk to Jaki Jo Hannan. Jaki Jo is an integrated Producer at the creative agency Adam & Eve and is also the founder of Equal Lens. We talk about what we as photographers can do to help level the playing field including opportunities we can provide with interning etc amongst a host of other issues around equality and diversity in photography. 

Links to the Equal Lens podcast and instagram, twitter and facebook

More information on the She Takes Over campaign run by Adam & Eve. 

Two Meters of Separation competition – see the BBC News story on the competition here

AlexAlessandra Kila http://www.alessandrakila.com/ – still life & car photographer mentioned at 40:00 mins

Sophie Ebrard article about breast feeding on set

Jaki Jo’s desert island camera is her iphone and her desert island photobook was The Art of Burning Man by N.K. Guy

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