S2 #1 – Shooting film stock full-time w/ Jim Marsden

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Welcome back to Season 2! Sorry it’s been a while, we’ve missed you. On today’s show we have the fantastic Jim Marsden who shoots exclusively on film stock whilst also being one of the nicest people in photography. Enjoy!

Eco Flow Delta battery (insta stories)
Mamiya Press Universal camera
Leica m2
Nikon F
Peak imaging (Film Lab)
Supersense ONE INSTANT Film
Yashika Y35 kickstarter
Pentax 67 105mm f/2.4
Valoi 360 scanner
Holga panoramic images (Not Damon Winters as mentioned in the poidcast but Benjamin Lowy – see the work here) More about the technique here
Jim’s book – ‘The Next Turn May Reveal Heaven
Jim’s bag – ‘The Marsden’ by Millica
Leica ‘akademie
Flaghead Photographic
Newton Ellis camera repair
Fuji GX617 – the panoramic beastDesert Island Camera
Fuji GX617 Desert Island Book
Bruce Weber – published by Alfred Knopf

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