#32 – Niches, Values and Networks w/ Emma Alexander

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More on the Trekpak system that Tom uses in his cases
Osprey Bag – Rolling Transporter 120 – great travelling suitcase for when traveling with kit such as lighting
Tenba Roadie Camera Bag – Gregs latest purchase
Snapperstuff – A good UK resource for ThinkTank Products run by photography professionals
45L Peak Design Travel Bag used by both Tom and Greg
Jasons Cases
Panostore lid organiser
Nanuk bags
Keyboard Maestro – The software recommended by Tom and loved by Emma
Tom Barnes ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page
Tom Barnes Gear page

The software Emma uses to run the company: Confluence
Tom and Greg’s recommendation for running your own CRM: Notion
Other softwares mentioned for use as CRM or just to help project plan: Jeera / Trello / Hubspot
Cost Of Doing Business calculations – three tabs – ‘LIVING’, ‘PROFIT’ and ‘PENSION’
Think about your network/your tribe – Building Creative Resilience: maintain inspiration and overcome isolation
Power of accountability – personal board of advisors – mentors —> diversity is important
What are your values – what drives you? What is your vision? Why do you love it?
The importance of having Niche – values form a core part of this
Big takeaway – Lead with the work you want to attract
More on the concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – the minimum thing I have to do to test my idea

Emma’s Desert Island Camera
Mamiya RB67

Emma’s Desert Island Book 
I Witness – Tom Stoddart

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