#34 – Retouching tips from the expert w/ Vahakn Vorperian

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Vahakn Vorperian is a UK based high end visual retoucher that has worked for some of the top names in the industry for many years. We talk to Vahakn about his journey into retouching, his tips and techniques, and his thoughts on the future of the medium.
Website: https://www.the-retouchers.com/about Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vahaknvorperian/?hl=enAstropad software for turning your tablet into a retouching tablet Tim Walker – Fashion Photographer Shooting plates & assets – blank plates at beginning and the end of a shoot Vanity Fair 2018 retouching cock upJay Brooks – All Creatures Great and Small – Series 2 imageNodel Ninja panoramic headPanoramic stitch – Capture OnePT Gui softwareTIPS

  • Always keep the original layer – duplicate it and lock the original away
  • Separate background and skin into folders – naming accordingly
  • Depth of your canvas – your layer stacks. Items Furthest away always at bottom of the stack
  • Toms Tiff file tip and tips on proper folder structures
  • Naming convention Vahakn uses for his projects: (Job Number – Client – name of photographer)
  • Use of WIPs (Work in Progress) streams for email conversations
  • Delete the shots that don’t work! (unless you want the clients to end up picking them)
  • Disney and the case of the hairy arms
  • Green Screen – shoot on grey, not on green! And avoid shooting on white for anything you want to cut out. 50% grey probably best
  • Shoot on Haze on Black – Then use blend modes (ie. screen or hard mix)

i1 Display Pro calibratorJigsaw24 Stanley Green – Black Passport Eugeune Smith – Minamata trailer Tom’s Hand Spanks (retouching glove)Robert Frank – London and Wales book and the image that we discuss Sergio Larrain photobook

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