#36 – Important lessons in running a photography practice w/ Dan Kennedy

  • 119.68M

On todays show we talk to Celebrity Portrait Photographer Dan Kennedy. We discuss the importance of saying no, avoiding burnout and top tips for running a successful photography business.


Some of Dan’s lessons

  • The importance of learning to say no to stuff
  • Outsourcing work eg. retouching, PR etc
  • The importance of not burning out
  • Businesses generally need Sales, Tech, Admin – most photographers do this themselves and that is not ideal

Annotations in CaptureOne

Overlays in CaptureOne

First one hour of the day and how you spend it

End of year review – positives and negatives

The importance of prep and creating mood boards etc

Joko Willink book – Extreme Ownership

Asana and Open loops

Dropbox and Synology for back ups


Tim Bret-Day

Levon Bliss macro work

Desert Island Camera
Nikon FM2

Desert Island Book
Richard Avedon: In the American West

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