S2 #9 – Editorial portraiture w/ Sophia Spring

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Tom’c camera hoop form First Digi – which can be found here

And the tray Tom mentions for his magliner is the utility box Maxi and Mini

Leatherman SurgeWave and Signal
Dymo label printer for labeling drives

Statistics from Sophia: 70% photography graduates are women and only 13% working photographers are women
F22 Women Photographers – great forum for AOP members created as a space to discuss matters of photography and women in photography.
Resources for Assisting photographers

Some of Sophia’s lessons she wish she’d known earlierSpent more time shooting and developing her style before making her approach to clients

Photography is not life and death – not worth taking on too much stress – enjoy the shoots as much as you can

Tends to do less in-depth research so that she doesn’t know too much about them as that can kill the spontaneity

The way she approaches taking on a shoot is if it falls into one of these categories

  • Will the shoot give me some portfolio worthy work?
  • Will it be financially worthwhile?
  • Will i have fun doing it?

Sophia always lights in the direction of the daylight – which makes her work look very naturally lit

Sophia use Evernote to run everything

FotoFortress tether jerk stopper

Canon 5D mkIII

Canon 50mm f/1.2L

Canon 85mm f/1.2L

Sigma 35mm Art lens

Sophia’s book – Park Life: A love letter to London’s green spaces (Hoxton Mini Press, 2021) or you can pick it up here

website: www.sophiaspring.com

Sophia on instagram

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